New regulations will take effect on January 10th, 2021.

All passengers will have to perform a PCR test no longer than 72 hours before arrival and bring their negative results.

All travelers will be required to complete a health declaration before arriving in Cuba. This may be handed out by the airlines but doesn’t hurt to have it ahead of time. Every passenger arriving with an all inclusive hotel booked from Canada will be covid tested on arrival in Cuba.

On arrival in Cuba every passenger will received a PCR test, passenger must present a insurance that covers covid or buy one at the airport for $30 USD, the passenger will be directed to their hotel, the test results will be in 24 hrs.
Passengers visiting their family need to quarantine for more than 5 days.


Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel has announced the country will end its dual currency system and change to a single unified exchange rate of 24 pesos per dollar, starting this January 2021.
Since the early nineties, tourists visiting Cuba have used the Convertible Cuban Peso, or CUC, pegged to the dollar, while locals use the much weaker Cuban peso. U.S. dollars are also widely circulated. The change will take effect from Jan. 1. The CUC will be removed from circulation in June.